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    CU*Answers completes disaster recovery test of

    CU*Answers is pleased to announce it has successfully completed disaster recovery testing of the member online banking application on Wednesday, September 9. During the test, the web and mobile applications were moved to a CU*Answers’ backup data center and live traffic was served from this location for the 3-hour duration of the test in preparation for a longer test next week that will be combined with a simultaneous core processing high availability test.

    “Testing the recovery of member-facing web and mobile applications brings with it a unique set of challenges,” says Jim Lawrence, Vice President of Business Continuity CBCP, CISSP. “Coordinating and orchestrating the recovery over the public Internet with integration to more than 60 third-party vendors requires planning, preparation, and practice. If you’re not testing on a regular basis, you’re just guessing.” is a set of internet and mobile applications that allow credit union members to perform online and mobile banking transactions.

    CU*Answers’ disaster recovery posture is constantly evolving, and this test represents one more step in that advancing plan. Live testing of additional applications within the suite are planned in the near future. For more information about CU*Answers’ Business Continuity program, visit the CU*Answers website.

    CU*Answers Network Services seeing dividends from paid internship program

    CU*Answers Network Services, a division of cooperative CUSO CU*Answers, continues its successful paid internship program. The experience benefits individuals looking to test the waters of a technology career and the CUSO’s Client Support and Operations team. Interns configure client workstations, core product update devices, and assist with daily processes, communication, and organization of the lab.

    “From this program we have developed permanent employees, including several full-time support staff and even our current assistant manager,” said CSO Manager Sarah Sweet. “It’s a real benefit to have extra hands in the lab and a fresh perspective every so often as well.”

    Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services, added that the internship program was designed to provide real hands-on technical training for entry level participants. “As they reach the conclusion of the three- to six-month period, our interns will have added valuable experience to their resumes. And in the best-case scenario, we have developed relationships with talented young individuals who will look to take the next step in their careers by becoming permanent members of the team,” he said.

    Individuals interested in learning more can visit the CU*Answers careers page.

    CU*Answers improving its mobile app member authentication infrastructure

    CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) is pleased to announce that significant upgrades are underway on its MACO infrastructure. Multiple Authentication Convenience Options (MACO) provides members with the ability to access the credit union’s mobile app using username/password, facial recognition, PIN, fingerprint, and voice. The new infrastructure will provide an immediate boost in processing capacity and set the stage for long term growth.

    “We’re very excited to roll out new hardware that will bring an immediate boost to performance of the MACO environment,” said Chris Shelton, VP of Network Infrastructure, “We’re setting the stage for the programming teams to adjust the software so that it can run across multiple servers instead of relying on just one.”

    “Spreading the load across multiple servers in the environment will allow the environment to adjust capacity to match load in a much more dynamic way,” added Seth Longcore, Manager of Online Banking. “A mix of dedicated and virtualized systems will increase performance while maintaining flexibility as we move into the future.”

    Shoreline Credit Union chooses CNS Complete Care

    CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) is pleased to announce that Shoreline Credit Union, in Two Rivers, WI, has joined a group of over 100 other credit unions managed by CNS Complete Care.

    “I will admit we switched for two main reasons,” said Nathan Grossenbach, President/CEO of Shoreline Credit Union, “The first was a significant price reduction from our prior provider. Secondly, the flexibility from CU*Answers which allowed us to decide what IT support we would keep in-house and where they would step in and help. We had our doubts about a CUSO being able to provide in-depth and high-knowledge support, but that simply has not been the case. I have complete confidence that regardless of your in-house IT skill set, CU*Answers would be able to step in and be the perfect partner.”

    “Shoreline Credit Union was looking to address many of the same challenges all credit unions face,” added Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services. “Finding a way to keep things running smoothly on a daily basis, navigating the cybersecurity compliance requirements, and planning for the future. They had some solid resources on staff, and I’m pleased with the way we were able to plug in with the existing team to help Shoreline move forward.”

    CU*Answers completes IBM system upgrades across network

    CU*Answers, the West Michigan-based core data processor, recently completed all 2020 scheduled IBM Power i hardware and software upgrades across all partner and client self-processing networks. Upgrades included installing nine new machines and upgrading to IBM’s v7.3 operating system across the network.

    The work represents hundreds of hours of planning and execution and will position the extended network for maximum performance, reliability, and availability during a disaster for these critical member service delivery platforms. Work also included multiple live high availability rollover tests to verify new and upgraded high availability machines were ready to take live financial transactions if situations required.

    “It’s remarkable we were able to hit our goal of completing this work on our 2020 schedule, given the challenges presented by COVID-19,” explains David Wordhouse, EVP of Technology. “We were not able to travel to multiple client sites given restrictions, which pushed our team to develop and improve remote approaches, which proved themselves over and over this year. It was important to us to maintain forward momentum and cross the finish line with these upgrades even during this COVID-19 season.”

    CU*Answers maintains and manages twenty IBM midrange computers throughout its network and provides ongoing management, maintenance, and high availability services for IBM Power i computers.

    Have a question for CU*Answers? Who do you call?

    At CU*Answers, we know how important it is that your Credit Union gets the appropriate help in order to meet your day-to-day data processing needs.  When you don’t know exactly who to call, we recommend that you get started by reaching out to either the Client Services and Education Team or the Network Services Team.

    The Client Services and Education Team specializes in a number of areas.  From the client perspective, we are the frontline for software questions, education and to some extent, light consulting.

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    Have questions?  If you can’t find your answer among the existing Knowledge Base items, you can submit a question of your own via the Answer Book.  In fact, we encourage you to use the Answer Book for any question you need to ask of a Client Service Representative.

    The Answer Book is a secure site where you can communicate questions to our Client Service staff.  That means you can include any details you like – even member account numbers or other private details you would normally never include in a regular unsecured email – and the data will remain private and secure.

    If you are not registered for Answer Book, please give us a call at 800.327.3478 ext. 255 for registration details.


    CU*Answers Network Services is a managed technology service provider, specializing in cybersecurity, business continuity, high availability, hardware, software, and services sales and support.  Our AdvantageCIO division provides strategic technology planning, IT compliance, risk management and virtual CIO services.  We bring over 17 years of experience and serve more than 200 credit unions and financial firms across the country.

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    Getting in touch with CU*Answers is easy!  We even have a brochure that can inform you of “Who’s Who” within our organization.  To start up a conversation, click here to view our list of contacts.

    Solutions from AdvantageCIO

    AdvantageCIO offers several great ways you can address your cybersecurity compliance strategy!  From cybersecurity training and testing, information security risk assessments and more, we have a variety of solutions to fit the needs of what your credit union is looking for.  Our team has over 50 years of cybersecurity and consulting experience.

    Ready to learn more about AdvantageCIO solutions available to your credit union?  Click below to get started!

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    AdvantageCIO introduces new managed vulnerability service

    AdvantageCIO, the strategic technology consulting division of CU*Answers, recently announced a new bundled offering: Managed Vulnerability Services. “We’ve had a lot of credit union client requests for help with more frequent internal and external vulnerability testing and reporting,” said Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services. “Along with that we’re also getting requests to help manage the entire approach. This service will provide all of the scanning, analysis, reporting, trend and remediation you need to up your game on this front.”

    “We are seeing the regulatory push in this direction and are ready to start helping with this today,” added Dave Wordhouse, EVP of Technology. “We see a lot of benefit, aside from staying a step in front of the regulators including a proactive approach to vulnerability management and overall an improved cybersecurity posture at the credit union.”

    The service is available to all credit unions with custom scheduling options to right size the fit for all credit unions.

    CU*Answers Network Services rolls annual tune up service into Complete Care

    CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) recently announced that starting in June 2020, it is offering an annual tune up to all Complete Care clients. The tune up reviews a client’s managed environment against ever evolving best practices and then engages senior technical resources to review with the client and make adjustments to improve security posture, performance and availability.

    “We’re very excited to bring more value to the Complete Care service we offer clients,” said Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services. “While we expect these tune ups to require 8-12 hours per client, we believe they’ll be mutually beneficial and as such have decided not to increase the price of the Complete Care services. It will also give us an opportunity to highlight new services that may be of interest.”

    “Technology practices can change quickly, and this will ensure we’re having more frequent conversation with our clients about how they’re setup,” added Chris Shelton, VP of Infrastructure. “Engaging in this way is just another example of how we’re pushing our approaches to technology management from reactive to proactive, which is good for everyone.”

    Solutions from CU*Answers Network Services: Complete Care Essentials

    Complete Care Essentials from CU*Answers Network Services presents a great way to move tech from your offices to our secure hosting facilities!  Your staff can work flexibly and securely from anywhere, with access to cloud-based email.

    Complete Care Essentials features:

    • A CNS private cloud hosted with Microsoft Active Directory, File, and Print server
    • Workstation and server patch management, for Microsoft and 3rd party application patching
    • Office 365 Hosted Exchange Email Services
    • Managed Firewall Services
    • Backup of 250GB of Data
    • Managed endpoint security including host based intrusion prevention
    • Weekly status reporting on your environment
    • SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 Hosting Facilities

    The Complete Care Essentials program is designed for credit unions with $30 million or under in assets, 1 location and 10 or fewer employees.

    Ready to learn more?  Follow the link below!

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    Or, to view other products and services from CU*Answers Network Services, click here to visit the front page of our online store.

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    CU*Answers Network Services is a full-service network technology solutions provider. We specialize in LAN/WAN design, implementation and management; network security; firewall management; IP telephony VOIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) solutions; records management; managed hosting solutions (facilities management), compliance and security audits (HIPAA/GLBA/SOX); high availability solutions; web site engineering, and hardware sales and support services. CU*Answers Network Services provides services to the education, retail, legal, medical, real estate, hospitality, and financial services industries as well as court systems and regional municipalities. Our financial services portfolio includes servicing over 150 credit unions across the country.

    Why CU*Answers Network Services?

    • Nationwide Network Reach: 24/7 real-time monitoring and management of thousands of devices and hundreds of networks across the U.S.
    • Compliance Expertise: policy development, implementation, and consulting for highly regulated industries
    • Proven high availability solutions for critical applications: hosted or on-premise
    • Custom, secure web application development by certified experts
    • Multiple state-of-the-art data centers
    More than just a service provider, we're an extension of your staff with the expertise to cut through the confusion and deliver the solutions you need at a price you can afford. Rest assured that if our team can deliver to the exacting standards required by highly regulated industries, CU*Answers Network Services can meet your needs too. | Phone: 616.285.5711 | Toll Free: 800.327.3478 x167 | Fax: 616.285.5735