WESCO Net Changing Name to CU*Answers Network Services

WESCO Net, a leading network solutions integrator and division of CU*Answers, announced today it is changing its name to CU*Answers Network Services. It is making this change to better reflect the needs of clients and changing competitive landscape and further distance itself from the old “WESCO” brand that CU*Answers previously operated under.

WESCO Net was conceived in 2002 to help credit unions transition from terminals to PCs and along the way offer ancillary services, such as managed firewalls, that credit unions would need to run their business. Simultaneous to this introduction, WESCO re-branded as CU*Answers, Inc. and chose to keep the WESCO Net name to help with marketplace name recognition and to ease the transition.

Since 2008 WESCO Net has rapidly increased its product and services portfolio and now offers a full suite of network services including managed networks, managed security, network engineering, Complete Care℠end-to-end technical support services, backup and storage strategies, IP telephony and Communications As A Service, high availability and disaster recovery services, managed hosting and collocation, virtual desktop and cloud based services, data encryption, and IBM™ Power-I™ sales and service including iPlan℠and DefenseMD℠.

“We are very excited to be making this brand change as it more accurately reflects what we do every day,” explains David Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies. “We are light years beyond where we started 10 years ago in capabilities and capacity to execute complex long-term projects. The WESCO Net brand at times had the unintended consequence of putting us in a ‘capabilities box’ and did not recognize that we are part of an organization nearly 200 strong.”

“With our broad expertise and comprehensive collection of managed technology offerings, we are increasingly doing business outside of the credit union vertical. Our new banner encompasses both these external clients and those inside the credit union vertical whose data processing services are provided by CU*Answers,” explains Matt Sawtell, AVP of Managed Technology Services.

About CU*Answers Network Services (formerly known as WESCO Net)

Organized in 2002, CU*Answers Network Services is a full-service network technology solutions provider for the financial services, education, retail, manufacturing, legal, medical, and real estate industries as well as court systems and regional municipalities. They specialize in network design and implementation, managed security services, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions; IP telephony, VoIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) solutions; managed hosting solutions (facilities management), compliance and security audits (HIPAA/GLBA/SOX); high availability solutions; web site engineering, and hardware sales and support services. Their financial services portfolio includes servicing over 150 credit unions in 26 states. Visit http://netserv.cuanswers.com for more information.

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