CU*Answers Upgrades Power Infrastructure, Efficiency, at Production Data Center

CU*Answers today announced it has successfully completed sweeping upgrades of the power infrastructure at its production data center. The upgrades improve capacity and redundancy and will allow the Center to more easily accommodate on-demand growth cycles. Improvements include doubling the utility power capacity over the previous configuration and replacement of generator and UPS systems.

The new systems will allow CU*Answers to maintain its approximate 20% annual growth rate with an on-demand reserve capacity to handle elastic demands in power consumption. The new infrastructure is also considerably more efficient with implementation of a modular UPS platform that boasts 94% efficiency, one of the highest currently available. Because of the modular technology, additional capacity can be added incrementally as needed, and N+1 redundancy protects against component failure. In addition to the upgraded generator, external attachment points have also been implemented for connection of large portable generator truck/trailers to further enhance site resiliency and flexible delivery of off-grid power continuance.

“These upgrades position us for the future in a way that is responsible and flexible,” explains David Wordhouse, VP of Network Technologies. “We want to be responsible of our client’s investments in our capacity and grow in a way that makes sense and allows us to continue to deliver rock-solid services. Completion of this project means we’ll be able to do just that. At the same time, we also want to be environmentally responsible. Simply turning electricity into heat isn’t, so we went with the highest efficiency backup systems and recycled or sold the outgoing systems to keep them out of landfills. That’s also why we use other energy saving technologies, such as cooling our data center with outside air when the temperature is below 55 degrees.”

About CU*Answers, Inc.

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