DataBP Disaster Recovery Failover Test Announcement

We are always working hard to ensure that your important data will be protected in the event of a disaster.

That’s why we hold periodic disaster-recovery tests to practice using the system we’ve developed to ensure the protection of data in the event of a disaster.

Our next disaster-recovery test will take place from 3-8 AM ET on Thursday, April 11. The work for this test will be on our end, and we will not need your assistance during the testing.

However, we’d like to make you aware of what we’ll be doing behind the scenes during this time. All backups will experience interruptions while we fail over to our DataBP DR backup system at our Muskegon data center. If there are jobs scheduled to run during this time, they will show as failed on your reporting. However, we have minimized the impact of missed jobs by scheduling the test during off-peak hours. Once fail over to the DR site is complete, testing will begin to ensure backups and restores are working as expected. After testing is complete, we will fail back to the primary DataBP backup-management system.

The results of this test will be documented so you can show your board that in the event of a disaster, CU*Answers has a tried and true backup plan that will ensure protection of all your important data.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Network Services team for more information.

Read the full notice: DataBP Notification – DR failover test | Phone: 616.285.5711 | Toll Free: 800.327.3478 x167 | Fax: 616.285.5735