A Note From the Help Desk: SGMS Firewall Management


SGMS Firewall Management

What Happened?

On December 13th, we performed an upgrade of the Sonicwall Global Management System (SGMS).  Following this upgrade, it was discovered that the task execution functionality was not working properly.

How Will This Impact You?

Options for logging and reporting were not impacted by the 12/13 upgrade.  We are reaching out to you because you have accounts in SGMS that allow you to review firewall configuration and, in some cases, make changes.  What this means for you is the following:

  • Configuration information within SGMS may only reflect the configuration of the firewall as of 12/13.
  • Making changes via SGMS is dependent on the task functionality and this is currently not working.

What Do You Need To Do?

While we work with the vendor to resolve the issue, we are asking your credit union to work directly with CNS to make these changes or confirm configuration of the firewall.  Please give us a call or send us an email to start a ticket to have these changes made.  We can be reached via phone at (800) 327-3478 x266 or via email at helpdesk@cuanswers.com.

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