Making Networks Work


In today’s business world, companies of every size rely on computers for success.  From standalone laptops and desktop PCs to comprehensive internal LAN and WAN networking solutions that incorporate mid-size platforms and mainframes, businesses require computers to effectively communicate and share information resources.  Furthermore, successful businesses today understand the value of data to their business, which can be a frustrating and discouraging process.  Additionally, the Internet has added a new set of information and security issues to address.  The task of designing, connecting and supporting computers to meet a huge array of communication end points and business partners can be overwhelming.  The need to hire on-staff professionals to manage these systems can be a cost-prohibitive for many businesses, but businesses also know that ignoring such issues can lead to operational inefficiencies and potentially, disaster.

We understand.

CU*Answers Network Services helps you address these issues. We work with you and figure out a plan that fits within your budget.  Our team members have the real world experience of designing the architecture, providing the equipment and supporting the network that powers the strictly regulated financial industry. Our members also have industry recognized certifications.

CU*Answers Network Services represents a dedicated group of professionals committed to working with clients to solve their ongoing computer networking needs.  We provide clients computer assessment and consultative services based on your business needs and demands.  We design and recommend solutions that meet your informational needs and budget.  Finally, we order, implement, train and provide ongoing support services to your organization for the future. Throughout this process, our primary goal will be to propose and implement solutions that ensure client informational protection and security.  Beginning to end, we’re here to help you build your network. | Phone: 616.285.5711 | Toll Free: 800.327.3478 x167 | Fax: 616.285.5735