CU*Spy is CU*Answers’ electronic online data repository for recently generated Daily/EOM Reports and Member Statements. The information stored on this system is accessible via the CU*Base GOLD software interface.

The CU*Spy product is a collaboration product that was created by CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations located out of Midway, Utah. Since the software’s inception there have been numerous upgrades and enhancements. eDOC also provides other stand alone archiving products. Please visit their website:

The CU*Spy software is highly flexible in the way that reports are researched. It offers functionality that allows you to search multiple days of reports to generate merged reports that will give you the exact information that you desire.

The data that CU*Spy contains is three months of Daily/EOM Reports and twelve months of Member Statements. CU*Spy also provides our ItsMe247 online banking product with the Member Statements that a credit union member would request over the Internet.

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