Identification Verification

identity theftWouldn’t it be nice to know every single person that you do business with? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate customer service experience?

Since that is probably too much to ask for, there have been software solutions to help your organization identify who you are conducting business with. Identity theft is at an all time high and technology steps in as a way to help curb illegal activity. Imagine, having a customer transaction screen on the monitor, clicking a button and a scanned drivers license automatically pops up in front of you to ensure that you are dealing with the person you were expecting. You can even verify the signature card if you still aren’t quite sure of their identity.

CU*Answers Network Services has partnered up with a few companies that provide identification verification software.

Please take some time to visit our trusted identity verification software partners:

Cowww Software
Carswell Data Products
eDoc Innovations
Auto Sig

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