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We feel that a sound, tested business resumption strategy is imperative for your business to survive in today’s competitive marketplace. CU*Answers Network Services has spent several years developing and deploying an effective High Availability (uptime) and Disaster Recovery plan in support of our 2,000+ device parent company. During this time, we have made strategic investments in both capital equipment and resources that you should consider leveraging in support of your own enterprise. Because of these investments, we are able to offer multiple solutions to our clients. For more information on how you can put a CU*Answers Network Services Business Continuity solution in place at your business, please use the following links:

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Traditional Hot-Site Recovery:

Our traditional hot site recovery solution offers our clients a cost-effective alternative to 3rd party disaster recovery offerings. In its most basic form, you would send periodic tape cartridges to be stored at our data center. In the event of a disaster declaration, your applications and most recent data will be restored onto our production system along with the most recent nightly save. The amount of data lost would be from the time of last save until the point of system failure, which could be an entire day’s transaction activity. Included with this service are:

  • Plan outline and initial set-up
  • Program and file library archival (generally monthly)
  • One annual test (up to 12 hours)

Hosted Data Replication

Many of our clients can no longer accept the risk of losing up to an entire day of transaction data, nor can they afford to be down for 48 hours or longer. At the same time, many of these same clients are not in a position to make the investment required to mirror application data within their enterprise. For these clients, we have implemented a solution we call Hosted Data Replication. By utilizing Echo2 replication software, from recognized industry leader iTera, Inc., we are able to offer an excellent alternative to the more costly Self-Managed Replication. In general, hosted replication means that your data will be written to an iSeries server in our data center (across a high speed line) within seconds of when it is posted on your production server. In the event of a major system outage (disaster), data is available on the backup server right up until the point of failure. A role swap to the backup server would be performed and you would be brought back online. This not only reduces the amount of data lost, but also shortens the window of time it takes to bring you ‘live” again. The solution requires significantly more up-front expense than our traditional hot site recovery solution, as well as a higher monthly fees to cover CU*Answers Network Services purchasing additional hardware capacity and ongoing management of the replicated environment. However, it represents a very cost-effective solution to ensure against significant down time and data loss.

Self-Managed Data Replication

Our In House Replication solution is essentially the same solution as our Hosted Replication EXCEPT THE BACKUP SERVER IS PURCHASED, ADMINSTERED, AND PHYSICALLY LOCATED WITHIN THE CREDIT UNION’S ENTERPRISE. As with our ASP solution, the key components are the iSeries and Echo2 software from iTera, Inc. Successful deployment of this service would include consulting, design, and implementation services by our certified staff, and would mirror what CU*Answers Network Services has deployed within our own enterprise. Since it involves the highest amount of investment and ongoing systems administration of our Business Continuity offerings, it is typically a solution targeted for the medium-to-large iSeries shops with multiple offices in a larger geography.

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