Defense MD Data Encryption

Announcing Defense MD: Encrypted Tape Backups for Self-Processors

Defending CU*BASE Member Backups Through CU*Answers Network Services’s New Encryption Services

Do you cringe when you read the news articles about a company that misplaces a data tape and now must notify their entire customer base of the potential security risk because their personnel data has landed in unknown hands? Can your business afford either the risk or the expense of a similar exposure happening in your data center? How secure are your end-of-day backup tapes when they leave your building?

Member data is life blood of your business, and today’s marketplace requires all of us to step up to the challenge of preserving its security. As a data processor, this same challenge is magnified to the point where it became prudent to invest CUSO financial and staff resources to develop a even higher degree of data security–tape encryption.

After many months of testing, we can recommend this same solution – Defense MD – be deployed in your data center.

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