I-Plan System Management

Introducing I-Plan: A comprehensive support plan for our In-house processing partners

In today’s credit union marketplace, managing technology can become a daunting task from both a timing and staffing standpoint. In an effort to complement the in-house skills of our Self-Processing clients, CU*Answers is pleased to announce a new service agreement plan to protect your most valuable core processing asset, the iSeries system.

I-Plan is a comprehensive support plan that combines the automated analysis resources available on the iSeries with the technical expertise of our CUSO staff. With I-Plan on your side, you will no longer second-guess that you have a coordinated, reliable, and cost effective plan of attack for managing the foundation of your data processing infrastructure.

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The Next Step: To get started, contact a CU*Answers Network Services representative at 1.866.458.1174.

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