Mid-Range Hardware and Software Solutions

The foundation of our hardware and software solutions is IBM’s iSeries server. With over 500,000 systems installed worldwide, the iSeries delivers industry leading scalability, reliability, and security, not to mention unrivaled customer satisfaction. Some reasons that make CU*Answers Network Services and IBM a winning team:

Our Experience:

Support over 150 clients in 26 states
Whether it’s a 5-device network or a massive 2,500 device enterprise, we have been there, done that.
IBM Business Partner since 2003
A team of specialists with both iSeries Sales and Technical Certifications
We use the iSeries to run our business
We don’t just sell hardware, we use the servers to run our ASP business

Our Business Model:

Consultative approach
We work closely with IBM and your team to recommend the most cost-effective solution
100% Customer Satisfaction
We encourage you to talk to our references, as they are our best salesmen!
Aggressive pricing
As a cooperative who is 100% owned by our clients, we understand the importance of meeting your budgetary limitations

Our Willingness to Invest:

Over $1 Million in last Three Years
We understand the need to invest in our infrastructure to be able to maintain the highest quality standards to support our clients.
Staying in the Loop
Participation in IBM educational events (conferences, webinars, user conferences) is an investment that allows us to stay on top of marketplace trends on behalf of, and along with our clients.

The Next Step: To get started, contact a CU*Answers Network Services representative at 1.866.458.1174.

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