Customer Interaction Center

Voice over IP

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is an integrated application suite to manage phone calls, faxes, e-mails, and web interactions from one scalable platform. CIC features an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) with skill-based routing and integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR). CIC is compatible with traditional phone systems or SIP-based VoIP and can scale to support thousands of users.

CIC is hardware platform independent and supports traditional telephony installations as well as the ability to migrate to VoIP with no forklift changes to users or administrators. CIC integrates with Dialogic, Aculab, Cisco, and SIP/HMP technologies. Full support for Intel HMP and SIP Media Server allows thousands of contact center agents without the need for proprietary hardware processing. A highly available architecture supports automatic fail-over for continuous operations even during maintenance cycles.

CIC’s Interaction Client provides a single contact-management application to handle multiple interactions, conferencing, presence management, point and click dialing, call recording, and more.

Customer Interaction Center Self-Running Demo

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