Customer Interaction Center Interaction Fax Feature List

CIC’s Fax Server is integrated with popular mail systems and offers not only desktop faxing but also fax-on-demand and fax broadcasting.

Interaction Fax Overview Features

  • CIC is a complete desktop fax server system
  • CIC acts as a fax on-demand system
  • Universal line ports serve as fax trunks as well as PBX, ACD, voicemail, etc.
  • One DID number can serve as both individual or workgroup telephone numbers and fax
  • Simple fax reporting. Writes out information on incoming and outgoing faxes to a log file for simple reports.
    • Fax image files stored as TIFF-compatible files or as .i3f-compatible (ININ proprietary) files
    • Support for Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe XP environments
  • With optional add-on Interaction Recorder, may electronically record inbound fax for greater confidentiality. May optionally encrypt the fax recording, store and index them for quick, secure retrieval.

System Configuration

  • Fax Lines Directly into Server
  • Dialogic Configuration
    • From 1 to 12 Fax Ports per Board
    • Multiple Fax Boards for High Volume
  • Letter and A4 page size support
  • Variable sized cover page templates

Receiving Faxes

  • High and Low Resolution
  • Group I, II, and III
  • Number/Size Limited Only by Disk Space
  • Sent to E-mail Server as Attachments if Unified Messaging user. Sent to Interaction Message Store if Voicemail Only user.

Routing Faxes

  • Direct Inbound Dialing (DID)
    • DID is supported
    • Sender Enters Extension Number
  • Administrator Routing
    • Faxes to Assigned Administrator(s)
    • Forward Based on Cover Page
  • Notification of Sent Status
    • Users may configure notification by e-mail if fax was sent successfully, or if the fax failed.
    • User may also optionally monitor fax send progress.

Viewing/Retrieving Faxes

  • Desktop Access via E-mail
    • Appear with E-mail, Voice Mail, etc. in Unified Messaging Inbox
    • Access Directly from E-mail with Unified Messaging Inbox
    • Access Directly from optional Interaction Client .NET Edition tab for Unified Messaging or Voicemail Only users
    • Rotate/Resize/Zoom
    • Gray Scale/Invert Image
    • Print with Options
    • Annotate FAX before sending
      • Add lines, shapes, text, images, and drawings
        • Change font, color style, etc.
      • Support for localized fax headers for Aculab and Dialogic boarded solutions
    • Phone Access
      • Use any Touch-tone Phone
      • Send to Nearby Fax Machine

Interaction Mobile Office

  • Speech-enabled access to faxes. Listen to fax receipts, save, forward and other operations. This feature has a speech recognition server as a prerequisite.
  • Internet Access via Web Browser (with Exchange client)

Composing Faxes

  • Add Predefined Fax Cover Page
  • Send Fax to Fax Machine
  • Cut and Paste pages from multiple faxes

Sending Faxes

  • fax optionsUsing E-mail
    • Include Other Attachments
    • Rendered on Server
    • Queued for Transmission
  • Using Print Driver
  • Same Call Fax-Back
    • Allows a fax to be sent over an already existing voice call
  • The Fax tool steps can create faxes from any PDF Document, Word document, PowerPoint presentation and supported bitmap formats
  • Send and receive faxes using T.38 protocol

Server-side Fax Rendering

  • Incorporates Microsoft Office components from within handlers to dynamically render common document formats including Word and PowerPoint
  • Render Adobe PDFs as faxes

Account Code Support

  • Users can use account codes to organize outgoing faxes by customer or company.
  • Assign separate account codes to different recipients of the same fax.
  • Administrators can generate reports to categorize call details by account codes.

Configuring and Administering Faxes

  • Centralized Administration
  • Fax to Port Mapping
  • Fax Receipt Timeout
  • Fax Send
    • Speed
    • Number of Retries
    • Delay Between Retries
    • Default Fax Group
  • Default Fax Appearance
    • Page Header Text
    • From Name
    • From Company
    • From Fax Number
    • From Voice Number
    • Cover Page
  • Interaction Fax uses the same TCP/IP connection as Interaction Client for submitting faxes. This allows it to work through a firewall configured to allow Interaction Client traffic.
  • Client Fax Printer Driver Supplied with CIC
  • “Interaction Fax” Printer
    • Fax from Any Application
    • Send Fax to contacts in Microsoft Outlook
  • Queuing of Faxes
    • Managed by Server
    • Administrator May Defer Sending for Off-Peak Rates

Note: Fax on-demand and fax broadcast functionality are supported on CIC. However, these applications must be configured. Please see your sales representative for timeframes and cost estimates. | Phone: 616.285.5711 | Toll Free: 800.327.3478 x167 | Fax: 616.285.5735