Customer Interaction Center IVR Feature List

CIC includes a programmable interactive voice response system with all the capabilities of the most expensive dedicated systems.

Feature Overview

  • Fully Customizable
  • No Limits on Menus
  • No Limits on Creativity
  • Built-in Database and Web Services Access
  • Built in Host Mainframe access for IBM Mainframes
  • Support for SRTP
  • Built-in E-mail integration to MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and supported SMTP/IMAP4 compliant mail platforms (including certain iPlanet and Novell Groupwise versions)
  • Full Power of CIC Application Generator – the Interaction Designer (See the Interaction Designer section of this feature list for more details)
  • TTS & Speech recognition support

Voice Prompts/Music Recordings

  • Large Prompt Library Included
  • Music Recordings Included
  • Key-ahead Prompting – callers can key ahead if they already know the touch-tone options they wish to select
  • Language Selection – play the appropriate language based on DNIS, touch tone input, ANI, database status, etc.
  • On the fly concatenation of prompts
  • Record Prompts in the graphical application design environment
    • Record the prompt
    • Play
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Save
    • Import .wave files
    • Export .wav files
    • Trim Leading Silence
    • Trim Trailing Silence
  • Prompt Definition
    • Name
    • Duration
    • Modification Date
    • Description
  • Prompt Storage
    • Multiple Prompts per File
    • Quick Access Format

Automated Attendant Functionality (see Interaction Attendant for more information)

  • One or Many Operators
  • Single Line for Voice and Fax
  • Support for audio text applications
  • Support for multiple menu layers

IVR While On-Hold in ACD Queue

  • Unlimited Music/Messages
  • Use Standard .wav files
  • Configurable announcement for place in queue and average wait time.Database

Database Integration

  • Supports All ODBC-Compliant Databases
  • Access Multiple Databases Concurrently
  • Query, Insert, Update, Delete, Use DDL
  • Connections are Cached

Support for Stored Procedures

  • MQ Series Tools for Host Mainframe access
  • Mainframe Integration using 3270 or 5250 terminal emulation. Note: this requires Microsoft SNA server – see your systems engineer for details.

Integration with SOAP web services

  • Complete set of tools to integrate with XML based web services using HTTP. See the section about Application Generation for all tools available from the system.

Use Any Interaction Capability

  • Telephony
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • Web Services

System Updates and Additions

  • On-line
  • No Restart Required
  • No downtime when activating updates

Graphical Application Design Tool (see detailed description)

Detailed and Summary Reporting (see reporting section for details)

  • Detail level call records
  • Easily enable IVR reporting in Interaction Attendant
  • Alternative customized reporting per IVR application

Support for TTS Engines

  • The following TTS engines have been certified:
    • Microsoft SAPI 5
    • Loquendo TTS Engine
    • Nuance Vocalizer
    • Nuance Realspeak
    • Please see our support documentation for versions of certified TTS engines)

Support for Speech Recognition Engines

  • A rich set of Speech tools is included in Interaction Designer which allows you to create a full speech enabled IVR. The following Speech Recoqnition Engines have been certified so far:
    • Nuance ASR Engine
    • Nuance OpenSpeech Recoqnizer (OSR) Engine 3
    • Loquendo ASR Engine

VoiceXML Interpreter

  • The VoiceXML Interpreter server interprets VoiceXML applications.
  • VoiceXMLSvr will connect to the Notifier on the CIC system (called the Control Notifier) and will register itself to handle the requests described below:
    • Initiate Session URL
    • Initiate Session
  • The following Tools have been added for the Interpreter:
    • VoiceXML Initiate
    • VoiceXML Async Initiate
    • VoiceXML Initiate Document
    • VoiceXML Async Initiate Document
  • VXMLHostSvr or the VoiceXML document manager host server is used by VoiceXMLSvr to upload resources (prompts and grammars) to the CIC server. The VXMLHostSvr handles the following request messages:
    • Interpreter Login
    • Reserve Filename
    • Upload File
    • Download File
    • Release File
    • Exchange Stream Endpoints
  • Compliant with VoiceXML 2.1 | Phone: 616.285.5711 | Toll Free: 800.327.3478 x167 | Fax: 616.285.5735