Firewall Management

Trying to Lower the Cost of Network Security?

CU*Answers Network Services Managed Firewall ServicesThe CU*Answers Network Services Managed Firewall Service allows our clients to outsource their Firewall administration to us and use their internal resources more efficiently. Our certified staff of experts in Firewall administration, specialize in the day-to-day operation and administration of Firewalls, and this specialization allows us to offer Managed Security Services at extremely competitive prices.

Why Choose a CU*Answers Network Services Managed Firewall?

After implementing a security system like a Firewall, many companies cease to invest time and resources into the ongoing process of security. Ideally, your company would have a staff of Internet Security Experts who respond to critical threats to computer security and pro-actively patch and upgrade your systems. The reality is that IT staff is more often a collection of generalists or no one is responsible for the Internet Security at all. Even if there is an ample IT budget, qualified professionals are always hard to find or those budget resources are best spent in other areas.

  • No Internet Security Specialists on staff.
  • Reduce load on current IT Staff.
  • Third party validation of critical security systems.

Outsourcing your firewall management to CU*Answers Network Services gives you a dedicated staff of qualified professionals that pro-actively secure your firewall from vulnerabilities, make any necessary configuration changes as requested, and ensure your firewall is up to date with the latest software and firmware.

CU*Answers Network Services’ compete hardware replacement warranty protects against extended downtime from hardware failures

CU*Answers Network Services specializes in monitoring and managing the SonicWall Global Management System. With a SonicWall Firewall System, Your critical alerts and logs are monitored in real-time and we will proactively respond appropriately to incidents. Our Certified SonicWall Security Administrators are available for live technical support and configuration assistance 8×5

CU*Answers Network Services Managed Firewall Services Include As Standard:

  • Real-time Intrusion Prevention with a database of over 2000 known attacks updated daily
  • Real-time Anti-Virus filters on the firewall stop viruses before they enter your network
  • Real-time Anti-Spyware filters stop malware before entering your network
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Certified Security Experts
  • 100% Logging of all Security Events in our remote Global Management System database for further analysis, forensics, and policy compliance report generation
  • VPN Management for secure remote office access or office to office communications
  • Application Control to eliminate risks associated with unauthorized employee peer to peer file sharing, instant messaging, and other potential back-doors into your network
  • Policy Change Management by CSSA certified experts ensures your firewall is properly protecting your network from outside attacks
  • Unlimited Technical Support by CSSA certified experts that handle all configuration change requests, setup and configuration of unlimited VPNs, report generation, and audit assistance
  • Upgrades and Backups We regularly apply firmware upgrades to your firewall so it is always up to date with the latest, most stable, most secure firewall versions available from the manufacturer and your system is automatically backed up after every configuration change to our Global Management System making disaster recovery a snap.
  • Complete Hardware Replacement Warranty If your unit fails a preconfigured replacement unit will be shipped to your door – no more worrying about warranty status
  • Activity Reports Delivered to your Inbox including stats on:
    • Bandwidth usage
    • Internet site usage
    • Total browse time per user
    • Attack summaries
    • Intrusion Prevention/Detection
    • Top Internet users and abusers
    • Top web sites visited
    • Plus 40 more!

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