Network and Systems Management

CU*Answers Network Services has a skilled IT department ready to serve your needs. We can customize networks of any size; provide network design, installation, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.

Our certified technicians are available to service networks comprised of Unix, Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, 2003 and Novell Netware servers. They are also available to service Dell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, and IBM fileservers and workstations.

At a fraction of the cost, CU*Answers Network Services can serve as your entire IT department. Our monthly and quarterly contracts allow for one convenient call to solve any problems that may arise.

Today’s businesses rely on computers to be successful. From laptops and desktop PCs to local and wide area networks, businesses require computers to communicate and share information and resources. Successful organizations know the value of data, and how important it is to protect that data in a secured and controlled environment. Add the complexity and ever-changing nature of the Internet, and keeping up with the requirements for a safe and efficient network can be difficult for even the most savvy business leader.

For many organizations, hiring staff to manage these systems can be cost-prohibitive. But the need still exists for designing, connecting and supporting complex networks to meet the organization’s needs. Ignoring the issues of security and controlled access can lead to inefficiencies, and potentially disaster.

That’s where CU*Answers Network Services comes in.

Helping you make good decisions

Having trouble figuring out what all this “network stuff” is and how it can benefit your business? Have you purchased a network server but still don’t really understand how it can benefit your business? We can assist you in leveraging your current network investment or discuss network options and how a network may enable you to take your business in new directions. This is the process performed first when you are considering a network installation or upgrade, server purchase or major software upgrade.

Assessing your network investment

Thinking about upgrading your current network or computer systems? Having trouble justifying the return on investment of upgrading computer network equipment or software? Are you interested in determining the capacity and current utilization of your network and computing resources? Let us assist with the decision making process. CU*Answers Network Services will work with you to understand how your 3 year business plan affects your current and future network investment. The Network Assessment will give you options and the approximate costs involved in bringing your network infrastructure to a level to help you achieve your business goals. Think of the Network Assessment as a snapshot of the business your network can currently support and what, if anything, will need to be done to allow the network to support future business growth.

Designing and integrating your network

Tell us your business needs and we’ll create a network system designed specifically to support your business goals. We can present multiple solutions, explain the costs, trade-offs and benefits of different solutions and how these solutions will affect your business. Network Design and Integration is what we do after everyone is on the same page regarding your business direction. We’ll create the design and present it to you for review.

Coordinating access to the Internet

Everyone wants to experience the Internet today. As a business, you should be aware of the different Internet access technologies, security risks and policies needed to keep intruders out and employees productive. Our experience enabling businesses to “get on the Internet” and keeping them and their data secure while connected will help you make an informed decision regarding Internet access. Make sure you are informed of the risks and rewards of connecting your business to the Internet. Business Internet access means more than getting a dial-up account at an ISP.

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